A JUCY Roadtrip: Day 3 Daintree to Cooktown to Archer Point

Day 3 of the trip was by far our most eventful day- seeing a wild crocodile, getting into a car accident with a giant bird, driving through a forest fire and sleeping under a noose. But before all of that, the day started out pretty peaceful by waking up in our cozy JUCY van in Daintree Village. My main…

A JUCY Roadtrip: Day 2 Cairns to Daintree Village

As we are waiting to rent our JUCY van, in Cairns, my friend Ash and I realize that we both have never driven on the left side of the road and don’t understand Australian roundabouts. It is at this point that I realize I may not make it back from this road trip alive (joking, kind of)….