The Great BARFier Reef

When I found out I would be moving to Australia, seeing the colourful Great Barrier Reef topped my list of things to see. However, what I didn’t expect to see was so much… well ummm… barf. We woke up early in Cairns to board a large catamaran that would take us, plus 100 people, on an hour long trip to a pontoon,…

A JUCY Roadtrip- Day 5 Mt. Tinaroo to Cairns

The funny thing about hiking is that everyone thinks they love it until you’re walking up a mountain, trying to catch your breath, and realize that you’re not in shape at all. As we climbed Walsh’s Pyramid, the world’s largest natural pyramid, just a few hours outside of Cairns, I wondered why on earth I…

A JUCY Roadtrip: Day 4 Archer Point to Cairns to Lake Tinaroo

We had arrived at Archer Point the night before in the dark. We couldn’t see anything around us, except a sign warning of crocodiles and a noose that we accidentally parked our JUCY van under, so at sunrise we were surprised to see that we had camped in paradise on a secluded beach surrounded by palm trees and mountains….

A JUCY Roadtrip: Day 2 Cairns to Daintree Village

As we are waiting to rent our JUCY van, in Cairns, my friend Ash and I realize that we both have never driven on the left side of the road and don’t understand Australian roundabouts. It is at this point that I realize I may not make it back from this road trip alive (joking, kind of)….

A JUCY Road Trip: Day 1 In Cairns

The trip starts off pretty horrible, compliments of Tiger Air (read about that here). I arrive in Cairns and look for the airport shuttle, advertised as part of my hotel when I booked my trip through Orbitz, and find out that no shuttle exists… Awesome. I should add that we were staying at a hotel…