5 Things To Do At The Farm Byron Bay

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from my home base in the Gold Coast, is a little gem called The Farm Byron Bay. This working farm is open to the public and collaborates with a collection of onsite micro-businesses to educate, support the environment and promote healthy lifestyles. If you are visiting the farm, here are 5 things that you must do during your visit:

#1 Explore The Grounds

As a fully working farm, The Farm Byron Bay is located on a large piece of land that is open for visitors to walk around and explore. Depending on the season, there is always something different and new to discover. Just watch out for those pesky snakes!


#2 Say Hi To The Animals

As you explore you will likely run into many cute and cuddly animals (although cuddling is not allowed) including pigs, chickens and cows. As a working farm the animals are used for their eggs and meat at the restaurant, so make sure you order a salad (just saying)!

#3 Pick Pecan and Macadamia Nuts

My favourite part of the farm was the pecan and macadamia nut trees. Australia is famous for macadamia nuts so it was a fun experience to find the nuts and crack them open with rocks, as I summoned my inner cave woman.


#4 See The Flowers

Depending on the time of year you visit, The Farm Byron Bay has spectacular flower fields (click here to learn how to swim in them).  Sadly, the flowers weren’t in season during the time I went, however, you can still buy flowers at the Flower Shed.


#5 Eat And Drink At the Three Blue Ducks Restaurant

Probably one of the most delicious restaurants that I’ve been to in Queensland,  Three Blue Ducks Restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients directly from the farm. My boyfriend had the brisket…  notably it contained beef. 😱

If you haven’t been to The Farm Byron Bay it’s a must do and a great way to spend a day and experience a real Australian farm.

Have you been to The Farm Byron Bay? Let me know what your favourite things to do on the farm were.


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  1. Globetrotter says:

    Wow that looks like a great experience. Cool post!

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  2. Jessie says:

    Wow, great post!


  3. Carol says:

    Food looks amazing!


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