Meet The Magpie Whisperer

Sometimes the most memorable travel experiences happen when you’re least expecting it. Recently I met a man in a park. I noticed him because he was holding a wild magpie, a bird that is known not to be very friendly in Australia. I thought he was probably insane…

The Magpie Whisperer

In Australia magpies are known to attack people when they are guarding their nests. When I first arrived in this country I heard a news bulletin about how a girl got her eyes scratched out during a vicious a magpie attack.

To protect themselves, Australian bikers resort to wearing helmets with spikes on them like this:

Image Source:

When I saw the man holding this dangerous bird I had to stop to talk to him and take a picture. The man told me about how he has gone all over the world and done this with wild hawks and eagles; and within seconds of our conversation I was somehow holding the magpie.


The female magpie broke every stereotype and sat gently on my arm while the man and I fed it raw mince meat. The man whistled back and forth with the bird while I talked to it in regular old english. Suddenly people were walking by me thinking I was insane (I probably am).


It was a good reminder that an amazing travel experience doesn’t always have to cost money, sometimes all it takes is talking to an interesting person in a park!

Have you come across any interesting people in your travels? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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  1. Gosh! I came across so many magpies in Australia but didn’t know they attack people until I read this post. Perhaps ignorance is bliss!

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    1. Jessica Lim says:

      Now that I’ve interacted with them I actually don’t think they are dangerous at all! I just think you need to be careful in the Spring when they are protecting their nests but otherwise they are quite sweet and smart. 🙂

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  2. Terry says:

    Wonderful, always open for new adventures and experiences. Excellent way to live life.


    1. Jessica Lim says:

      Yes, you never know what you will encounter!

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  3. Globetrotter says:

    So cool! My only experience with a magpie was more like the picture of the man on the bike. It is nice to know they aren’t always like that!

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  4. ktkickass says:

    Love this story!! You never know until you try, right!? And yeah, some of the greatest adventures happen spontaneously!

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  5. Magpies are not so bad really – very intelligent, and only agressive when nesting. Lovely pix.


  6. Ever since I arrived in Germany (February), I am wondering about these birds..didn’t know the name but saw them everywhere..they were building nests around end of Feb..then a friend told the name two weeks back when I asked..but nobody said anything about them being vicious! Got sidetracked – it is indeed serendipitous things like these that make a trip memorable is what I wanted to write😀


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