A JUCY Roadtrip- Day 5 Mt. Tinaroo to Cairns

The funny thing about hiking is that everyone thinks they love it until you’re walking up a mountain, trying to catch your breath, and realize that you’re not in shape at all. As we climbed Walsh’s Pyramid, the world’s largest natural pyramid, just a few hours outside of Cairns, I wondered why on earth I wasn’t lying on a beach and chose to climb the steepest mountain ever in Keds. Ash and I packed totally inappropriately for this trip and I managed to bring no decent shoes (but 2 pounds worth or markers and adult colouring books) and she brought a leather skirt. I don’t know where we thought we were going but it defientely wasn’t to the top of this mountain. After half an hour we gave up, took a picture so that we could pretend we reached the top and headed down to the nice flat ground.

Walsh's Pyramid
Walsh’s Pyramid


This day was a bit of a write off because our planned beach day was ruined when we woke up on the side of a lake in Mt.Tinaroo and it was raining. There really want much to do around this area in the rain so we visited Babinda which was a much easier hike (aka actually a flat boardwalk that took you through the wetlands). Living in Queensland has given me pretty high nature expectations and Babinda didn’t disappoint with the impressive waterfalls and giant smooth boulders.

Image from Babinda Tourism

After our “hiking” adventures we decided to head for the city of Cairns and check into the campground that we had broken into the night before. We went to one of my favourite restaurants in Cairns for dinner, Bellocale, and had a romantic friends date to celebrate our last night of the trip. Here’s a tip, if your gluten free and your friend is vegan stay home. We basically had the world’s most annoying and complicated order and we’re lucky they didn’t spit in our food (or maybe they did). I ordered the Morten Bay Bug pasta (not really bugs- more like lobster) with crab and spicy rose sauce, my favourite!


Side note: I should mention that the Bellocale staff were extremely friendly and easily accommodated all of our crazy requests. They even took all the delicious buttery meat out of the Morton Bay Bugs for me and put it directly into the pasta because I was scared of them (usually they are served like lobster).

Over the next few weeks I will be posting the day by day accounts of my very JUCY road trip around Northern Queensland so keep checking back! If you missed my blogs about the first few days, you can read them by clicking on the links below.

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DAY 5- A JUCY Roadtrip- Day 5 Mt. Tinaroo to Cairns


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