A JUCY Road Trip: Prologue

Australia has a reputation of being a really expensive place to live and travel, so much so that many of my friends from back home don’t feel that they can travel here because of the costs. But just like any place you travel to you can do it the expensive way or the cheap way. Going on a road trip in Australia is kind of a “thing” and coincidentally its kind of a “money saving thing” too, so I knew I had to do it and prove to everyone that traveling in Australia doesn’t have to be over the top expensive.

When I told my friends about my idea to live and travel across Australia in a van they thought I was crazy and no one wanted to go with me. I had grown up camping and going on road trips so I really didn’t understand people’s hesitations. But when my adventurous friend Ash, who lives in Sydney, told me that she had a break from school and wanted to go somewhere (anywhere she said!) I already had the perfect trip in mind.

On a whim, a week before our proposed trip, I booked time off of work, booked my flight from Gold Coast to Cairns (you can read about how that disastrous flight turned out here) and rented our sleeper van with a company called JUCY. We both only had six days or else we probably would have done a much longer road trip from Gold Coast to Cairns, but because of our limited days off we opted to fly in and out of Cairns and do a smaller road trip around Northern Queensland.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting the day by day accounts of my very JUCY road trip around Northern Queensland so keep checking back!

PROLOGUE- A JUCY Road Trip: Prologue

DAY 1- A JUCY Road Trip: Day 1 In Cairns

DAY 2- A JUCY Road Trip: Day 2 Cairns to Daintree

DAY 3- A JUCY Roadtrip: Day 3 Daintree to Cooktown to Archer Point

DAY 4- A JUCY Roadtrip: Day 4 Archer Point to Cairns to Lake Tinaroo

DAY 5- A JUCY Roadtrip- Day 5 Mt. Tinaroo to Cairns


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    It sounds so interesting!!

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