Beware of Tiger Air

I seriously almost turned into one of those psychotic people you see on the news who have to be escorted off the plane because their airline screwed them over and they lost all control of themselves and can’t stop yelling at the flight attendants.

For those of you who are not familiar with Tiger Air, it is Australia’s cheapest airline. The flight deals are seemingly amazing, until they charge you for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Want to check a bag? Eat something on your 8 hour flight? Have a drink of water? You have to pay. But honestly I’m fine with that. I’m usually a traveller on a budget and I don’t mind not having food or drinks on the plane to save money. I don’t mind packing less to save on baggage fees. What I do mind is when I feel blackmailed at the gate because my bag is 1kg over and they know that I have no other option but to pay their ransom or miss my flight. They actually wait until you are about to board and then they weigh your bag and tell you to pay now or miss your flight.

I am on a flight to Cairns from Brisbane where my ticket was about $50. I made the choice to only bring carry on luggage to keep costs down. What I didn’t realise was that being 1kg over the 7kg limit (which used to be 10 kgs until recently) was going to cost me $53.50, ALMOST THE SAME PRICE AS MY FLIGHT! Don’t get me wrong, its completely fair to pay an overage fee when you’re over the limit but that fee should be proportanite the amount of weight you are over. This was not proportionate, so not proportionate that its almost comical how expensive it was, especially because the fee was substantially more than what they charge for adding a bag when purchasing your flight online.

What really upset me was that the staff wouldn’t let me go through my luggage and wear all my clothes (everyone does it, don’t judge) because they said it is still extra weight on the plane. By that logic they should be weighing their passengers. I am a 120 pound female and I can guarantee that the majority of passengers weighed more that 122 pounds. Not to worry,  I’m sure they’ll be weighing their passengers by Christmas.

I hate to spend a whole blog post complaining when this blog is to celebrate travel, but I felt it was important to warn other travellers because this happened to the majority of customers on my flight. Tiger Air takes advantage of their customers and moving forward I will be spending my money on airlines like Virgin Airlines, who actually treat their customers with respect (and end up being cheaper once you account for paying Tiger Air’s blackmail fees).

Not a great way to start a trip, but at least I was able to keep it together and not be blacklisted at the airport. Plus I later realized that as I was boarding I dropped a shrimp from the top of my sushi behind the boarding gate desk, so that should be a nice surprise for Tiger Air to find later. 🍣

What have your experiences with Tiger Air been like? Any Australian airline recommendations? Leave a comment below.

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  1. SheryL♥ says:

    There’s Tiger Air in the Philippines too. I’m not quite sure if they’re the same.
    They made me miss my flight to Jeju, South Korea because they were delayed.


    1. jessicamlim says:

      Thats awful! I’m not sure if this is the same company but I’ll be careful about flying with any company that has that name in the future.


      1. SheryL♥ says:

        Me too! 😀


  2. Krystal H says:

    Oh yeah, Tiger is crap. They’ve cancel so many flights, and only notified the passengers 20 min before check in via text message. Reason for cancellation: not enough passengers for flight. And they only cancelled 20 min before check in?! There’s always a risk flying with them. It isn’t worth it, really


    1. jessicamlim says:

      I’ve learned my lesson!


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